Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Help 4 Haiti" Bracelet

We wanted to do something in honor of the Haitian people, so we designed this bracelet inspired by the Haiti Flag.

Only $6 and we will donate $3 to this charity:

"Help 4 Haiti"

The NKOTB line.....

Each bracelet can be purchase with or without the charm...

Without Charm - $8 (+s/h)
With Charm - $10
Each additional charm is $2

"The Boston Five"

"The Joe"

"The Jonathan"

"The Danny"

"The Jordan"

"The Donnie"

"The Cruise 2010"

Our "Secret" Addiction...

Angie and I have known each other for 20+ years. We have cruised together in Tipton (lol), we have gotten lost together, we have been on drill team together, we have cried together, we have laughed (A LOT!) together, & we have supported each other.

Life gets in the way sometimes. We both have husbands, kids, jobs, volunteering, community events, etc. But we kept in touch. Then two years ago something happened....

New Kids on the Block reunited.

We felt like teenagers again. Suddenly bills weren't that stressful. Our days were filled with trying to figure out which rumors were true and which rumors were false. We connected with each other and with hundreds of grown women over the internet that were feeling the same thing. It may sound crazy to non Blockheads. But when you are caught up in life, some people choose the beach....we choose concerts!

Angie is on left, Erin is on right

And concerts, oh concerts! Cleveland, Chicago, Columbus, Champagne, Houston, and Indianapolis! We had the best times any two 30ish women could have. We have met our childhood crushes, traveled the Midwest, made new life-long friends, had front row seats (*THUD*), etc....

So thanks to 5 men from Boston, Angie and I have reconnected! We hope to try and plan a girls weekend again soon!

And in honor of our addiction...Introducing our line of NKOTB line of bracelets!

Introducing....."THE COLTS"!

Here are our first project...."The Colts" ....

Each Bracelet is $15 (+S/H)

About our jewelry....

All of our bracelets are made with high quality glass beads only.

The average size of each bracelet is 7 inches - can be increased or decreased by request.

We accept Paypal, Check, and Cash. Shipping will occur usually within one week.

Every bracelet has a name. The easiest way to order is to email us at with your bracelet's name and the length. Some bracelets will include an options to add a charm(s). Please add this to your email also.

Now....Let's see some pictures!

Welcome to Let's Bead This!

Welcome to our blog! Who are we?!? We are two Hoosier girls who have known each other since the 8th grade! Now we are wives and moms....but we still need an outlet for our creativity. So we created "Let's Bead This!"

Angie ~ Stay at home mom. Has an awesome business background. Angie has owned her own Tanning Salon with boutique and is always looking for ways to showcase her entrepreneur skills. She has been married to Heath for 15 years and has 3 children Hunter, Blake, and Kennedy. She resides in Tipton, IN.

Erin ~ Dental hygienist. Erin is always looking for the next creation to create. She loves learning new skills and enjoys many hobbies. She has been married to Corey for 9 years and has 2 sons Jack and Ben. She resides in Daleville, IN.

What was our first piece of jewelry together? We decided to make Colts bracelets! Everyone was celebrating the Colts great season and they were getting ready to play the NY Jets. Some friends saw them and loved them and wanted them so we made them some too....and from there it's blossomed.

We hope you will check out our pics of our bracelets. We will customize for you! Just email us with any questions, comments, or design ideas!

Let's Bead This!